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TU Berlin

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Gregor Ganzosch, M.Sc.


TU Berlin, Institut für Mechanik

Fachgebiet Kontinuumsmechanik und Materialtheorie
Fakultät V

z.H. Gregor Ganzosch

Einsteinufer 5
D-10587 Berlin

  • Raum MS 308
  • Tel.: 314-23457
  • Sprechstunde: Do, 10.30 - 12.30 Uhr
Fleck, C., Burke, M., Ganzosch, G., Müller, C., Currey, J.D., and Zaslansky, P. (2020): Breaking crown dentine in whole teeth: 3D observations of prevalent fracture patterns following overload. Bone, 132.

Köllner, A., Todt, M., Ganzosch, G., and Völlmecke, C. (2019):
Experimental and numerical investigations on pre-stressed lattice structures. Thin-Walled Structures, 145.

dell'Isola, F. et al.
Advances in pantographic structures: design, manufacturing, models, experiments and image analyses. Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 31(4).

Juritza, A., Yang, H., and Ganzosch, G.
Qualitative investigations of experiments performed on 3D-FDM-printed pantographic structures made out of PLA. In: New Achievements in Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics. Advanced Structured Materials, 108(15).

Ganzosch, G.,
Hoschke, K., Lekszycki, T., Giorgio, I., and Müller, W.H. (2018): 3D-Measurements of 3D-Deformations of Pantographic Structures. Technische Mechanik, 38(3).

Yang, H., Ganzosch, G., Giorgio, I., and Abali,
B.E. (2018). Material characterization and computations of a polymeric metamaterial with a pantographic substructure. Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathe-matik und Physik (ZAMP), 69(4).

dell'Isola, F., et al. (2018):
Pantographic metamaterials: an example of mathematically driven design and of its technological challenges. Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics.

Barchiesi, E., Ganzosch, G. , Liebold, C., Placidi, L., Grygoruk, R., and Müller, W.H. (2018): Out-of-plane buckling of pantographic fabrics in displacement-controlled shear tests: experimental results and model validation. Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics.

Misra, A., Lekszycki, T., Giorgio, I., Ganzosch, G., Müller, W.H., and dell'Isola, F. (2018). Pantographic Metamaterials Show Atypical Poynting Effect Reversal. Mechanics Research Communications, 89.

Ganzosch, G., Todt, M., Köllner, A., and Völlmecke, C. (2018): Experimental investigations on pre-stressed stayed columns on smaller length scales. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Thin-Walled Structures (ICTWS18).
Ganzosch, G., dell’Isola, F., Turco, E., Lekszycki, T., and Müller, W.H. (2017): Shearing tests applied to Pantographic Structures. Acta Polytechnica CTU Proceedings, 7.
Ganzosch, G. and Müller, W.H. (2016): Experimental techniques applied to generalized continuum theories - A state-of-the-art report. Proceedings of the XLIV Summer School-Conference, 44.

WiSe 19/20:
- Mechanik E
- Statik
- 3D-Druck in der Mechanik
SoSe 19:
- Mechanik E
- 3D-Druck in der Mechanik
WiSe 18/19:
- Mechanik E
- Energiemethoden der Mechanik
- Kontinuumsmechanik
SoSe 18:
- Mechanik E
- Kinematik und Dynamik
WiSe 17/18:
- Statik und elementare Festigkeitslehre

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