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Kontinuumsmechanik und MaterialtheorieHands-on project to finite element analysis (WiSe 21/22)

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Hands-on project to finite element analysis (winter term 21/22)


Information related to the Corona crisis:
Please note that TU Berlin has switched to an essential-only presence mode of operation on 03/20/2020. In the summer term 2021, this module will be offered as an online-only course.

In order to establish a contact between the lecturers and the students, it is required that everyone registers on the ISIS page of this module. However, a password is required for the registration. Please send an e-mail to to obtain the password. If you are a student, who does not have a TU Berlin campus account yet, there is the option of a guest access to the ISIS webpage (in German: Gastzugang). The guest access also requires a password, which can be obtained by contacting .

Exam registration:
A registration through QISPOS is (tips) possible. Students with special exam regulations (e. g. exchange students [Erasmus, Sokrates, etc.]) are requested to register at the examination office and bring us their registration form.

Learning outcomes:

  • handling commercial finite element software (Abaqus),
  • solving a complex stress analysis problem
  • obtaining background information on advanced strength of materials theory.

Soft skills:

  • solving engineering problems as working in teams,
  • presenting and documenting results


  • introduction to components and materials of microelectronics and the surface mount technology (SMT)
  • basic mechanics of elastoplastically deformable bodies
  • introduction to the concepts of the commercial finite element software Abaqus
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