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Kontinuumsmechanik und MaterialtheorieTensor Algebra and Calculus (WiSe 17/18)

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Tensor Algebra and Calculus


Tensor algebra, Caley-Hamilton theorem, tensor invariants, symmetry groups, orthogonal transformations, nabla operator, derived calculus operators (grad, div, rot, Laplace), selected problems


Learning outcomes:

This course teaches the basics of tensor algebra and calculus that are needed for many problems in engineering and physics. For example, it is the foundation for understanding the terminology of fluid and solid mechanics.


Target Audience:

This course addresses students of engineering sciences, physics, mechanical engineering, and similar university courses.



The course is given as a block seminar in January by Prof. Elena N. Vilchevskaya in a two-week period. Please see the module descriptor for the first date.


Module descriptor:

See this link.





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